How can I transfer my data between operating systems? (iPhone → Android, Android → iPhone)

■Transferring Data Between Different OS

First, make sure that you're in an area with good network reception.

WARNING: All Orbs will be lost when transferring between OS. Make sure to use them before transferring data between OS.


■What You Need

Before you get started, make sure that you have backed up your data on either Game Center or Google, depending on your OS.


1. Load MARVEL Tsum Tsum on your original device.

2. Tap "Option" on the upper left of the in-game screen.


3. Tap "Account".



4. Sign in with either your Game Center account (iOS) or Google account (Android).



■Transferring Between OS

You will need a Transfer Code to transfer data between different OS.

1. Finish all of the preparations listed above and back up your data on your original device.

2. Tap "Obtain Transfer Code" while your account is linked to get your ID and Transfer Code.

*Please check the Precaution notes before using a Transfer Code.



3. Start MARVEL Tsum Tsum on the device you wish to transfer your account to.

4. Tap "Data Transfer" on the upper right of the title screen.


5. Sign in with your Game Center account for iOS and Google account for Android.



6. Tap "Enter Transfer Code" while your account is linked.



7. Enter the Transfer Code and ID you got from your previous device.



If the ID and code works, your progress will be transferred to the new device.