I accidentally deleted my MARVEL Tsum Tsum game. Help!

If you have backed up your data, all you need to do is to reinstall your app and go through the data transfer process.
*If you haven't backed up your data, you won't be able to transfer it even if you tried to reinstall the app.

Furthermore, if you haven't backed up your data and you are unable to recover your account, please fill in the following information and contact us via [Submit a request] on the bottom of the page.
Based on the information received, we would be able to check whether it is possible to recover your account.

▼Information regarding the account you wish to recover
1.ID *The 9-digit number found on the title page
2.Nickname *Nickname is unnecessary for players who are below the age of 13. 
3.Your 1st Friend ID
4.If you do not remember which is your First Friend, please tell us the ID of two of your friends.
*If you are unsure of your ID please fill up the following
5.Player Level
6.Account creation date
7.Name of last Tsum received from box purchase
8.If you had purchased orbs, please provide a screenshot of the receipt with details

*Please be advised that account recovery might be difficult, depending on the information provided.